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Several Skin Loving Rebatch Bases To Choose From

Our rebatch soap bases are formulated specifically for making homemade soaps and shampoos, yet are also gentle enough to be used in other bath related products like bubbling bath sachets, salt scrubs, sugar scrubs etc.

All of our bases were formulated to create soap that produce a thick, creamy lather that moisturizes and cleanses gently.

100% Vegan Rebatch Soap Base

This base is made using all vegetable oils, and is also a great base for anyone on a budget. We’ve formulated a fine blend of canola oil and palm oil to create a very moisturizing base. This base is off white in color, so that your colorants show true once you’ve hand milled your soaps. This base creates a very thick and stable lather.

100% Vegan Rebatch Soap Base

100% Pure Olive Oil Castile Rebatch Soap Base

This base is a true Castile base using nothing but pure olive oil as it’s main ingredient. Although this base is softer than most, we decided to use olive oil as it’s only ingredient so that we could provide the gentlest soap base possible to our customers. This base creates a mild soap that is gentle and very moisturizing, with a very creamy lather. It’s so creamy that it feels as if one is bathing with a bar of solid whipped cream. This base has a green tint due to the olive oil so colors may not be as vibrant in your handmilled soaps, but they will certainly be beautiful.

100% Pure Olive Oil Castile Rebatch Soap Base

Exotic Butter rebatch Base

We developed this base for those who love the creamy lather of cocoa butter, the skin loving goodness of shea butter and the moisturizing qualities of castor oil. This base produces a creamy and generous lather, that is stable enough to use for shampoo and shaving bars. This base does have a faint yellow tint due to the cocoa butter, but this does not interfere with most soap colorants. All colorants that we have tested have come through vibrant and true.

Exotic Butter rebatch Base

Fabulous Skin Loving Rebatch Soap Bases

That are suitable for any sort of homemade bath project, from bath salts to milk baths.

Wholesale Prices

If you wish to mass produce your homemade bath products, or for businesses that wish to buy in bulk.

Personalized Formulas Developed For Your Business

For those who desire a rebatch base that is formulated with specific ingredients for their business.

Order Today And Receive This Free Gift

Order today and we will send you a reusable tea sachet and 7 recipes for making relaxing bath teas that were formulated to provide a bit of relaxing enjoyment and pleasure for every night of the week.

Providing High-Quality Rebatch Bases

Each base is offered in shreds and 1-pound blocks or 5-pound slabs. The blocks and slabs will need to be grated before using them. The shreds do not need to be grated and do melt well in microwaves, crock pots and double boilers when making handmilled soaps, laundry detergents, and sugar or salt scrubs. The shreds would need to be chopped gently to separate them, if used in bath soaks or bath sachets. Use the liquid bases for shampoos and liquid soaps. Our bases are "true soap" made without synthetics or detergents.