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If you wish to try your hand at making homemade soap, yet do not wish to work with the caustic lye chemical, then these free homemade soap recipes something that you are sure to enjoy!

Click here for instructions on how to make homemade soap using the rebatching method.

Basic Rebatch Base

20 oz grated rebatch base (click here to order some)

2 oz water

1 Vitamin E Capsule (optional)

The basic rebatch base recipe is what you’ll use for all the recipes included below.

Melt your basic recipe in your crock-pot then add the ingredients for your desired recipe once your base has melted completely. The recipes make 5 bars of soap, measuring approximately 4 ounces per bar. If you’d like to make more than five bars, you can double up the recipes just ensure that your crock-pot or double boiler is large enough to hold all your ingredients.

Some of the recipes call for other liquids instead of water. Just substitute these liquids when you start melting your basic base.

Lemon Nutmeg Soap

Juice of one-half lemon

Grated rind of one-half lemon

1 tsp ground nutmeg

5 drops lemon essential oil

Peaches and Cream Bath Bar

4 tbsp powdered milk

1 tbsp sweet almond oil

1/8 tsp peach fragrance oil

1 drop orange food coloring (optional)

Snowball Soap

1/4 tsp eggnog fragrance

1/2 tsp ultra fine cosmetic glitter

Soft Soap

1 cup grated soap

1 cup boiling water

Summer Mint Soap

Simmer 1 bag spearmint tea in 3 oz water for 10 minutes

5 or 6 drops green food coloring

1 tsp oil of wintergreen (can be obtained from a drug store)

Vanilla Almond Soap

1/3 cup whole almonds

1 tbs. almond oil

1/8 tsp vanilla fragrance oil

Relaxing Rosemary

4 drops red food color

4 tbsp ground rosemary

Silky Apple Butter Balls

3 drops red food color

3 tbsp grated apple peel

2 tbsp shea butter

2 tbsp cocoa butter

Pumpkin Pie

2 tbsp pumpkin

1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

1/4 tsp citric acid

Whispering Gardens

1 tbsp baby powder

1 tsp rose petals

1 tsp of any other type of flower petals

Pinch of poppy seeds

Manly Kitchen Soap

(helps get rid of onion smells on hands as well)

1/4 cup instant coffee

A Bed Of Roses

2 oz rosewater

1 tbsp crushed rose petals

2 drops red food coloring

Citrus Punch Blast

Note: This recipe needs no water, just add all the ingredients to your grated soap and melt.

1 tsp grated lemon peel

1 tsp grated orange peel

1 tsp grated grapefruit peel

1 tsp lemon juice

1 tsp orange juice

1 tsp pineapple juice

Chocolate Chip Cookies

This makes a fun soap that children will love to make, as well as love to bathe with! This is a fantastic soap to use as a special treat to get children in the tub.

You will need to make 2 batches of soap. The chocolate chip base needs to be made first. Once it’s set overnight and hardened, then you cut into chunks and mix just enough chips (chunks) to make the cookie base look like chocolate chip cookie dough. Add the chunks after you’ve melted your cookie base so that the chunks don’t re-melt into your base, then mold into balls immediately. Save extra chunks for use in later batches of your cookie soap.

Chocolate Chips

1/2 cup cocoa

1 tbsp chocolate fragrance

Cookie Base

Use basic base recipe and add 2 tbsp chocolate fragrance and just enough cocoa to tint your base a light beige color.

Mold into balls, then press flat like cookies on your waxed paper!

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