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If you have ever wanted to make homemade soap, but haven’t because of concerns about handling lye, then you may find handmilling your own homemade soaps to be a great alternative. Handmilled soap is made by grating and melting a plain rebatch soap base that has no fragrances, additives or colorants added. It is an easy method that one can use to create lovely homemade soaps without having to use lye.

We sell a select number of rebatch soap bases that are sure to meet anyone’s needs and/or budget. Each base was formulated to create soaps that have a nice and creamy lather that is not drying to the skin. We do the hard work so that you can enjoy the creative process of making your own handmade soaps, without the mess and worries that one encounters when making soap from scratch.

Our rebatch soap bases can be used to make handmilled soaps and liquid soaps. They can also be used to make your own custom shampoo using your own selection of fragrances and additives. Our bases are gentle enough to use as shreds for bubbling bath sachets, salt or sugar scrubs and bath soaks.

Click here to view a tutorial that shows just how easy it is to make handmilled soaps in the microwave using our rebatch soap bases.

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