Handmade soap is not only good for the skin, but it can sooth the senses, provide healing benefits and calm the nerves when formulated properly. In todays day and time, it’s easy to locate handmade body products (including soap) online via the aid of various online sources provided by multiple companies and individuals.

The difficulty in purchasing homemade bath products online revolves around the inability to handle the product before it arrives. One can see a “name” for a product that has botanicals and essential oils in it, but one can not actually see and smell the product first hand.

One also can not try most products first hand because many individuals who make homemade bath & body products do not offer a free sample so that potential customers can try the product before they purchase it.

If you are looking for the perfectly scented homemade soap, that has only ingredients that you approve of and appreciate, then why not try making your very own homemade soap in the comfort of your own home? I make it easy for you to develop and create your own unique and custom brands of bath products, using my 100% all natural rebatch bases.

By using my bases, one can have the pure goodness of 100% all natural cold process soap, without the need to handle the deadly caustic lye chemical.

I handle the dangerous and difficult work for you, and you get to partake of the creative fun without the complexity of formulating your own recipes.  You can then create a pure soap that provides all the key benefits that a soap should provide.

Benefits like:

  • Silky Skin Loving Sudsy Lather
  • Moisturizing Qualities That Leaves The Skin Feeling Silky Soft & Smooth
  • Cleansing Goodness That Does Not Leave Your Skin Feeling Dry & Chapped
  • No Harsh Chemicals (The Lye Is Completely Saponified So That You Get Pure Soap)
  • Contains Pure All Natural Glycerin (A Wonderful Moisturizing Emollient)

Rebatching soap using a rebatch base is a very simple process that can be done in the comfort of your own home using either your microwave or a double boiler. Click here to view our tutorial that shows how easy rebatching soap actually is!

Rebatching is the process of melting 100% all natural soap shreds and then adding your own fragrances, colorants and additives; adding the mixture to a mold of your choice and letting it cool to form a perfectly unique brand of soap.

I also share tips, tricks and techniques you can follow to help you formulate your own recipes for homemade soaps, shampoos, bath salts, body scrubs, facials, bath soaks, bath sachets, liquid soap and more!

You can enjoy more bath & beauty recipes at Yumbs.com and enjoy more recipes, tutorials, guidance and tips in the Yumbs soap making forum at: https://yumbs.com/forum/index.php

I offer several types of rebatching bases from my basic base that is perfect for sachets and salts, to my butter base that’s loaded with buttery goodness that your skin will adore! Click here for more information about my rebatching soap bases.