Rebatch Lye Free Soap Making Instructions


4        Drops Colorant
1        Tablespoon Olive Oil Or Melted Cocoa Butter
1        Tablespoon Water
1        Teaspoon Blue Raspberry FO (or any other suitable Fragrance Oil)
1/2     Pound Rebatch Soap Base

Equipment Needed:

Microwave Oven                ~or~             Stove
Microwave Safe Bowl        ~or~             Double Boiler
Large Plastic Or Stainless Steel Spoon

Step One:

If you have purchased a block or blocks of rebatch base soap, you will first need to grate the soap base into shreds using a typical cheese grater.

Step Two:

Place 1/2 pound of shreds in a microwave safe bowl (if microwaving the shreds) or a double boiler (if melting on the stovetop).

Step Three:

Gather your supplies before you begin.

Step Four:

Heat for one minute in the microwave, or until you see the soap foam as shown in this image.

Here is what ground soap looks like after cooking for 30 seconds, it’s a bit crumbly still.

You just want to heat it a bit before adding your sweet almond oil and water.

Step Five:

Continue heating in 20 second increments until your soap resembles the soap paste shown in the image below.

If heating on the stovetop, your soap may dry out faster so add water 1/2 teaspoon at a time until it has melted to resemble the mixture below.

Step Six:

Add your colorant and stir to mix well.  The colorant may cause your soap to cool a bit, so heat it for about ten more seconds in the microwave to reheat it back up.

Step Seven:

Next, add your oil and fragrance quickly, mix well and then “plop” your soap mixture into your mold.

Step Eight:

Here I am using the bottom of a canola oil bottle as my soap mold.

Step Nine:

Let the soap cool completely then cut it evenly to make attractive bars to use and/or share.

Here is my completed batch of soap.  I was able to get a good sized bar of soap for my bath, a soap ball for my sink and some soap slices to take camping with me or to re-shred to use in scrubs and/or bubbling bath sachets.

Enjoy your new soap. It makes a lovely gift for that special loved one in your life, it can be added to gift baskets, grated for scrubs and/or sachets, you can sell it or you can keep it a secret and keep every little sliver for your own enjoyment. If your family is like mine, then you may want to hide it so that others do not steal it.

My bars of hand-milled soaps always seem to walk off on their own, only for me to see that they prefer to live with my daughter, my cousin…by best friend. I never knew soap could decide where it wants to live, but that is the only explanation I can think of because surely my guests would not sneak them out in their purses or pockets.

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