Rebatching Soap Making Tips

Here are some helpful tips for a more rewarding experience as you are making your hand milled soaps and bath products!

When making sugar or salt scrubs, melt your base first then let it cool a bit before mixing the sugar or salt.  This will help ensure that your sugar and/or salt does not melt into the hot base.

When adding botanicals, never add them before you melt the base but always after you have the base melted and always as the “last ingredients” to go into the mix.  This ensures that the botanicals fragrance stays fresh and true.

When scenting your soaps and bath products, always use skin safe products like essential oils and cosmetic grade fragrances.  One should never use candle oils, liquid potpourri, extracts etc.  If the fragrance is not deemed of cosmetic grade (think SKIN SAFE) then it could cause rashes and/or burns and blisters.

When adding liquid to your soap, first consider the shreds liquid content.  All of the recipes offered on this site are developed with fresh, moist soap shreds in mind.  If your shreds have aged past a month or so, you’ll most likely need to adjust the liquid a bit by adding a teaspoon per half pound of shreds at a time, until it becomes of the proper consistency.  Once it’s of the right consistency, you can then add other ingredients like fragrance, colorant and other additives.

A Few Simple Safety Tips

When melting your soap in a double boiler, be sure that you melt it slowly so that it does not boil.  Boiling soap can splatter and cause severe burns, so always ensure that the mixture does not overheat.

When removing containers from the microwave, always wear gloves because the container can get extremely hot.

Never add fragrance to soap that is so hot that it’s smoking, even if the slightest bit.  Fragrance added to soap that is too hot can cause fumes that are dangerous to your health.  Let the soap cool a bit before adding any fragrance.

Never cook soap that has fragrance already added in it, in the microwave.  If you need to re-melt soap to fix a mistake, use a double boiler instead.

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